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Behind the Scenes: At Deepak Perwani for #FPW15 Winter Festive Collection!

Source: Secret Closet • 2 years ago

Couturier Deepak Perwani has been a wonderful constant at the FPW platform through the years and this season he is joined by great company from couture veterens Umar Sayeed and Nilofer Shahid. With numerous international accolades to his acclaim, the Deepak Perwani brand is perhaps one of the most recognized across the fashion worlds globally. His easy charm and down to earth man are his best qualities that resonate in his work. Take a look at the La vi en Rose collection in the making and learn all about it from Deepak himself!

How do you feel about the new Winter Festive theme of FPW for the first time showcasing all luxury and bridal theme collections?

I think it’s a great concept, as people tend to buy more in winter and they are mostly looking for wedding or formally evening wear to wear for wedding and parties. So it’s a great idea.

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Tell us a bit more about your collection and one thing in particular you’d like to share with readers about it?

Our collection this time is titled “La vie en Rose”. We very excited to be doing this collection, I feel that it’s got a great depth and feel of a very vintage rose. Something that women could relate to very well.


What kind of fabrics, color palette and technique have you used to create the designs?

Fabrics are silk chiffon crepe pure Georgette , we used allot of khara embroidery. Appliques been done separately and then the motifs have been put on top to create 3D effect. And we done our own lace we’ve created our self so we done allot of different techniques to create this, the color palette is very interesting it’s from peaches to pink to aubergine to black. With allot of gold thrown in, so it’s a very regal evening wear collection.

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A challenging trend to pull off that’s hot right now but one you’re excited to play with?

I’m excited to playing with velvet this year and allot of organza. Organza is something that’s in trend allot of people are using it. So these are two things that we are also experimenting with.

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One style/silhouette every woman should opt for this season?

I guess for the shadi The Ghagra Choli or Gharara Choli whatever you want to call it, seems to be very in and for better of the western contemporary silhouette allot of women are opting for allot of capes and jackets.

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Bridal/Festive wear trends that will be huge?

Capes and Jackets layering velvet fur allot of embroidery organza crepe and screen printed.

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One thing that’s an absolute evening wear ‘turn off’ for you?

When people try to wear day wear clothes and insist that they are wearing evening wear.


Styling/Accessorizing particulars for your collection?

Again lots of flowers, lots of jewelry, lots of hair accessories and lots of pearls.

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Other designers you are excited to see and favorite model to walk your design?

I’m always excited to see more fashion in the market. For FPW we have a stellar list that’s coming up and from my point of view all designers are brilliant.

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What is the most rewarding part about showcasing at FPW? And the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is to organize this show every year with the rest of the board. And the most rewarding part about showcasing at FPW is that you are showing at your own home.

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Favorite winter trend or one thing you love most about winters?

I enjoy layering in winter and the fact we can wear luxurious fabrics and layer them otherwise Pakistan seems to be only interested in wearing lawn for the rest of the year.

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